The Rise And Fall Of Babylon (18 of 48) by Stan Coffey

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The Rise And Fall Of Babylon (18 of 48)
Series: Creation or Evolution?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 10:8
February 22, 1987

INTRODUCTION: Genesis is the seed bed of all prophecy and the seed bed of all theology. In Genesis we see in type and picture a fore gleam of all the great truths that are found in the rest of the Bible. You see a picture of the person of Christ and you also find a picture of the Anti-Christ. In the last days the Bible prophesies that a great world dictator will come who is called The Beast, The Man of Sin, The Anti-Christ. He will rule over a great kingdom of evil referred to in the Bible as Babylon. The mighty city of Babylon stands for the consummation and distillation of all evil.

The ruler of Babylon is a type of the coming Antichrist
A. His arrogance - vs. 8
1. His name, Nimrod means "let us rebel"
a. He is a rebel against God (the Bible calls the Antichrist the wicked one or the lawless one)
b. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord - the word before can be translated against the Lord
B. His abilities - vs. 8 and 9
1. He is mighty
2. In II Thess. 2:9 the Bible pictures the Antichrist with all power and lying wonders
C. His authority - vs. 9
1. He is a hunter of the souls of men
2. He has ability to rule over peoples
D. His ambition - vs. 10
1. He wants to rule and subjugate people
2. To rule has always been the devil's ambition
3. He is ...

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