The World's First Murderer (14 of 48) by Stan Coffey

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The World's First Murderer (14 of 48)
Series: Creation or Evolution?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 4:8-26
January 11, 1987

INTRODUCT1ON: Cairn is one of the mysterious people in all the Bible. He of course was the world's first murderer. Having been rejected by God, Cain rebels against the Lord and murders his own brother. In today's lesson we will discuss the penalty that God gave Cain for his crime. Was it capital punishment, was it life imprisonment, was it parole, was it rehabilitation. We will also answer three mystery questions: Who was Cain's wife? Were Adam and Eve saved? And who preached the devil's funeral?

A. Cain's religion was characterized by force - vs. 8
1. Cain's disgust - vs. 8
2. Cain's deed "Cain rose up against Abel his brother and slew him."
B. Cain's religion was characterized by falsehood - vs. 9
1. Cain lied in the very face of God. He said "I know not"
2. The heart of all false religion is deception and untruth
C. Cain's religion was marked by futility - vs. 10-12
1. The futility of hiding from God - vs. 10
2. The futility of being cursed by God - vs. 11
a. Cain will have difficulty henceforth in extracting the fruit of the soil in agriculture
b. Cain will become a fugitive from God, a nomad in his living pattern
D. Cain's religion was characterized by fear - vs. 13-15
1. Th ...

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