Did God Make Man Or Did Man Make God? (5 of 48) by Stan Coffey

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Did God Make Man Or Did Man Make God? (5 of 48)
Series: Creation of Evolution?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 1:24-31
October 19, 1986

INTRODUCTION: In our previous lesson we looked at three possibilities concerning the origin of man. Some believe man came about by evolution others would maintain that God created man but he used the evolutionary process to accomplish it. The third possibility is that taught in the Bible. Those of us who are Bible believers believe that God created Adam as a full grown man. Adam was not half man and half ape. Even though there are similarities of design, similarity of diet and similarity of death between man and the animals these similarities do not prove or indicate evolution. Now, today, we want to look at some contrasts between men and animals. Man is not an animal and we want to look at four ways that men and animals are different.

A. The image of God in man means there is a mental likeness to God
1. The image of God has nothing to do with physical appearance. God is spirit and spirit therefore is invisible.
2. The reference has to do with a mental likeness to God. It speaks of intelligence and thought.
B. The image of God means that ther ...

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