The Sin Most Often Committed In Amarillo (52 of 54) by Stan Coffey

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The Sin Most Often Committed In Amarillo (52 of 54)
Through The Bible Survey
Pastor Stan Coffey
May 5, 1991


AUTHORSHIP: Malachi means "my angel" or "messenger." Thus the name Malachi with a description of his office. Malachi himself possessed a strong and vigorous personality and was conscious of a divine call to the work of moral and spiritual reformation. The spiritual life of the people was at a low ebb and many of the evils against which former prophets had protested were again rampant.

BACKGROUND: Malachi was written in 433-430 B.C. A considerable amount of time had elapsed since the rebuilding of the temple and the reinstitution of the levitical system. Consequently the excitement and the enthusiasm for which the prophets Haggai and Zechhariah were the catalyst, has wain. Moral deterioration and religious lethargy characterized Malachi's day. Malachi was sent by God to denounce practices dishonoring to God and His worship. While idolatry had vanished the guilty of hollow formalism and complaining skepticism.

THEME: Eight sarcastic questions addressed to God make the book notable for its dialogue style. Malachi was the last of the prophets after the captivity to the restored remnant and the burden of his message is to call the people back to God.

A. The Declaration of the love of God - Ch. 1:2
Malachi's message starts out in this very marvelous wonderful way, "I have loved you saith the Lord." What a wonderful way to begin. You would think these people are going to respond in a tremendous way to God's declaration of love.
B. The Demonstration of God's Love - Ch. 1:2 and 3
God is prepared to prove what he has said. And his answer is "I have loved Jacob and I have hated Esau."
C. God's demand for love - vs. 6
In Bib ...

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