Peace On Earth Good Will Toward Men (47 of 54) by Stan Coffey

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Peace On Earth Good Will Toward Men (47 of 54)
Through the Bible Survey
Dr. Stan Coffey
March, 31, 1991

AUTHORSHIP: "Who is like the Lord?" is the meaning of the name, Micah. With Amos, Hosea, and Isaiah, Micah was an 8th century prophet. Micah's home was Moresheth-gath, (Ch. 1:14), in the lowlands of Judea some twenty miles southwest of Jerusalem.

DATE: 740 - 729 BC.

BACKGROUND: Micah primarily preached concerning the social evils of his day. He attacked the religious indifference of his time and rang out the judgment of God, immorality, and corruption of the cities. He specifically catalogued the sins of the capitol cities of Samaria and Jerusalem. Samaria was the capitol city of the Northern Kingdom and Jerusalem was the capitol city of the Southern Kingdom.

PROPHECY: Micah sees beyond the fault of Israel in the exile of Judah to the incarnation of the Messiah and to the blessings of the millennial kingdom. As the prophecy ends, he marvels at the grace of God who forgives the sins of His people and restores the glory to Israel.

I. JUDGMENT DECREED - Chapters 1 and 2
There are two basic sins that Micah deals with as he speaks to the city of Samaria and the city of Jerusalem.
A. The sin of Idolatry - Vs. 5
1. A description of idolatry - Vs. 7
2. A definition of idolatry
3. The devastation of idolatry
a. Samaria's destruction - Ch. 1:6-8
b. Judah's destruction - Ch. 1:9-16
B. The sin of Covetousness - Ch. 2:1
1. A description of covetousness - Ch. 1:1-2
2. A definition of covetousness
3. The devastation of covetousness - Vs. 6-11

Here Micah outlines a three-fold cause for the sad state of the nation Israel. He deals with the leaders of the nation, specifically the princes, the preachers, and the priests.
A. The Princes - Ch. 3:1-4
B. The Prophets - Ch. 3:5-10
C. The Priests - Ch. 3:10-12

In the fourth chapter, God gives a ray of hope. The prophet sees beyond ...

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