Honeymoon Love: You Can Have It! (31 of 54) by Stan Coffey

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Honeymoon Love: You Can Have It! (31 of 54)
Series: Through the Bible Survey
Stan Coffey

(Song of Solomon)
AUTHORSHIP: Solomon 1:1 attributes authorship to King Solomon.

DATE: Solomonic authorship demands a 10th century date BC. Most scholars consider the book a product of Solomon's early years.

THEME: The Song of Solomon is a unique literary master piece filled with figures of speech and descriptive imagery.

INTRODUCTION: When Jesus wrote to the church at Ephesus in Revelation 2:1-7, he commended the church for their work, their commitment, their doctrinal stability, their intolerance of false teaching, and their endurance under pressure, but in Vs. 4 he said, "Nevertheless, I have somewhat against thee because thou hast left thy first love." Here was a church going through the motions of service to Christ, but Jesus, the Heavenly Bridegroom was displeased with His Bride because they were doing it in a ritualistic manner and not out of love. He said they had left their first love. This is the greatest problem in many churches today and in the lives of many Christians. This is also the problem in many marriages. People are staying married in name. They live together under the same roof. They even work together, but no longer is the fire of that passionate love which brought them together existent in their relationship. The scripture reveals that it is God's plan both in our marriages and in our relationship to Christ that that first love be a perpetual reality and motivation in our lives. Jesus is comparing the relationship of husband and wife to that other relationship between Him and His Church. This book tells us that "honeymoon love" can be restored in a marriage and it can also be restored in a believer's personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A. Shulamith in the Palace - Ch. 1:2-8
1. The Delight of the Woman - Vs. 2-3
2. The Desire of the Woman - Vs. 4
3. The Do ...

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