Nehemiah: Key To Successful Building (23 of 54) by Stan Coffey

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Nehemiah: Key To Successful Building (23 of 54)
Through the Bible Survey
Stan Coffey
October 14, 1990

AUTHORSHIP: Ihe Book of Nehemiah was composed by Nehemiah himself and written by Nehemiah in cooperation with Ezra, the Priest.

DATE: 432BC. Chapter 13, Verse 6 states that it was in the 32nd year of Artaxerxes.

THEME: The period depicted in Nehemiah was unique in the history of the Jews. Nehemiah was the cup bearer at the court of King Artaxerxes. This was a position of high honor, but in this position of familiarity with the king, Nehemiah had not forgotten his people, the Jews. The news that was brought to him concerning the destruction of Jerusalem made him very sad. This sadness could not be holy hidden and the king detected it. Although the Jews had been back home for 100 years, no one had made an attempt to build Jerusalem beyond the restoration of the temple because their enemies made it almost impossible.

SUBJECT AND STRUCTURE OF THE BOOK: While Ezra was a priest and had been teaching the people the Word of God for 13 years, Nehemiah was a civil governor. He came to Jerusalem in 445BC to rebuild the walls of the city. Nehemiah is divided into two main parts.
1. The Reconstruction of the wall - Ch. 1-6
2. The Reinstructing of the people - Ch. 7-13

THE CENTRAL MESSAGE: There is no opportunity without opposition. There is no open door before us without there being many adversaries to obstruct our entering. However, God's principles of building when followed to the letter will always result in success.

A. Nehemiah learns the misery of Jerusalem - Ch. 1:1-3
B. Nehemiah's prayer for Jerusalem
A. Nehemiah secures the kings permission - Ch. 2: l-6
B. Nehemiah secures the kings protection - Ch. 2:7
C. Nehemiah secures the kings provision - Ch. 2:8 -
A. Picture focus - Ch. 2:11-16
B. Form of Fellowship - Ch. 2:17-18
C. Face the Foe - Ch. ...

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