The Restoration Of God's People (22 of 54) by Stan Coffey

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The Restoration Of God's People (22 of 54)
Through the Bible Survey
Stan Coffey
October 7, 1990

AUTHORSHIP: Ezra is the author and central character of this book. Ezra 7:10 gives his keynote message.

THEME: The return of God's people from Exile in Babylon, the restoration of Jerusalem and the Temple, and the confirmation that God's people, the Jews, were His chosen ones to bring the Messiah to the world.

PROPHETIC Significance: In Jeremiah 29:10, God prophesied the Jews would return to their homeland after 70 years. Ezra shows how God kept His word! Of course, this means that God will keep His Word to us today as well.


STRUCTURE OF THE BOOK OF EZRA: Part I - The Return under Zerubbabel - Ch. 1-6
Part II - The Return under Ezra - Ch. 7-10

A. The Return of the Remnant - Ch. 1
B. The Size of the Remnant - Ch. 2
C. The Reinstatement of the Worship of God - Ch. 3:1 - Ch. 6:22
1. The Renewal of the Altar of Burnt Offerings - Ch. 3:1-3
2. The Observance of the Feast of the Tabernacle - Ch. 3:4-7
3. The Rebuilding of the Temple - Ch. 3:8-13
4. The Conflicts resulting from the attempt to rebuild the temple - Ch. 4:1-5
5. The Continued Opposition to the Rebuilding of the temple - 4:6-24
6. Resuming the Task of Building the temple after being inspired by the prophets Haggai and Zechariah - Ch. 5:1-17
7. The Search by Darius for the Edict of Cyrus - Ch. 6:1-16
8. The Dedication ...

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