The Book Of Kings: The Greatness & Glory Of Solomon (18 of 54) by Stan Coffey

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The Book Of Kings: The Greatness & Glory Of Solomon (18 of 54)
Through the Bible Survey
Pastor Stan Coffey
August 19, 1990

AUTHORSHIP: Jewish tradition names Jeremiah as author, however there is no mention of Jeremiah in the text
DATE: 560 B.C. before the end of the captivity, but after the 26th year of its continuance.
THEME: IKings is a continuation of I and II Samuel, the book records events of the reign of Solomon until his death and the dividing of his kingdom, Israel and Judah. In I Kings we see the rise and fall of Israel as a world power.

A. Abishag Ministers to David-Ch. 1:1-4
B. Adonijah Usurps the Throne-Ch 1:5-31
1. The Reason of this Rebellion - Vs. 1-9
2. The Refutation of this Rebellion - Vs. 10-31
C. Solomon is Declared King - Vs. 32-53

A. David's charge to Solomon - Ch. 2:1-12
B. God blesses the reign of Solomon Ch. 2:12
C. Adonijah is put to death Vs. 13-46
D. Solomon Marries Pharoah's daughter - Ch. 3:1-2
E. Solomon prays for wisdom and receives it - Vs. 3-28
1. Solomon's Chance
2. Solomon's Choice
F. Solomon's Court Ch. 4:1-20
G. Solomon's daily provision Vs. 21-28
H. Solomon's wisdom - Vs. 29-31
1. A surpassing Wisdom - vs. 29-31
2. A supernatural Wisdom - v ...

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