Joshua: The Victorious Christian Life (12 of 54) by Stan Coffey

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Joshua: The Victorious Christian Life (12 of 54)
Through the Bible Survey
Pastor Stan Coffey
July 1, 1990


INTRODUCTION: In Part I and Part II of the Book of Joshua, we saw the people of Israel move across the River Jordan, thereby symbolizing the moving of a believer fronm one stage of the Christian life into a deeper stage of the Christian life.

In Part II, we saw Israel as they began to possess their possessions by faith. They overcame Jericho, met defeat at Ai, learned the power of secret sin, and were confronted with the wiles of the devil. After subduing Ai, Joshua made one of his serious mistakes. He made a league with the Gibeonites, who tricked him by pretending to be people from a far country.

Now Joshua is ready to complete the conquest of Canaan. And in Chapter 10, he leads the armies of Israel in the decisive battle to take the Promised Land, which God had given to them. God's plan of the ages, God's plan to send Jesus Christ into this world, hinged upon the outcome of this battle.

A. A Declaration of War - Vs. 1-11
Joshua declared war on these 5 kings and upon all the unconquered territory in the Promised Land. The first step of victory in our lives is for us to declare war on everything in our lives that is not pleasing to God.
1. Declaration of war must be immediate - Vs. 9
"Joshua therefore came upon them suddenly."
2. This declaration of war must be intense - Vs. 9
"Joshua therefore came unto them suddenly and went up from Gilgal all night."
3. Declaration of war made Joshua indestructible - Vs. 11
Vs. 11 tells us that the enemy fled, but as they were getting away, the Lord sent giant hailstones from heaven to crush the enemy.
B. There must be Daring. Faith - Vs. 8
As Joshua looked at the sun and he looked at the enemy, he saw there was no way he could utterly destroy the enemy before darkness fell. So in daring faith he said, "Sun, s ...

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