Deuteronomy: The Book Of Remembrance (9 of 54) by Stan Coffey

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Deuteronomy: The Book Of Remembrance (9 of 54)
Through the Bible Survey
Pastor Stan Coffey
June 10, 1990

AUTHOR: From the earliest times, students of scripture have held Moses to be the author of Deuteronomy and the other four books of the Pentateuch. Direct Mosaic authorship is claimed in Deuteronomy 31:24. Deuteronomy is quoted over 80 times in the New Testament and Jesus Himself quotes from the book more than from any other Old Testament book and identifies Moses as its author. (Matthew 19:7-8, John 5:46-47).

DATE: The date suggested is late 15th century, around 1405BC. The total amount of time covered by Deuteronomy spans a few months at most. What movement there is comes rapidly loses is having his last say, including his last farewell.

THEME: Deuteronomy deals with the compassion of God for His chosen people and His expectation of the strict obedience of His discharging their responsibilities. Its title is literally "second law" and indicates this is a second presentation of the Mosaic law. We find in Deuteronomy a series of addresses by Moses warning the Israelites whom he was soon to leave of the dangers of forgetfulness. Beware! Lest you forget, he says again and again.

BACKGROUND: The generation which experienced the redemption from Egypt was dead. Joshua, Caleb, and Moses, alone remained. And Moses Himself was soon to die. A new generation stood on the frontiers, the Promised Land. A new leader stood ready to conquer Canaan.

Laws exsist to prepare the people of God for the future by reminding them of the past. There are four looks in the book: The backward look, the inward look, the forward look, and the upward look.

A. The Journey Reviewed - Horeb to Kadesh (Chapter 1)
As the book opens, we see the children of Israel on the border of the land of Canaan in a place where 11 days journey some forty years ago could have brought them. Yet, it had taken them 40 ...

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