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The Word Of God, Through The Bible Survey
Through The Bible Survey
Pastor Stan Coffey
II Peter 1:20
April 15, 1990

INTRODUCTION: You are about to begin an exciting trip through the Bible. I believe you will find it one of the most thrilling experiences of your Christian life. You will learn the major themes of all the books, the key verses, the central messages, what God is saying. You will also learn how each book is organized, how it came into being and its role in the Bible story. Still more, you will learn how to analyze all 66 books, which are the most significant chapters, where to find the central purpose, and which chief verses to copy and remember. Studying God's Word from beginning to end will be a rich blessing and is basic to your knowledge of the scripture.

SOME FACTS ABOUT THE BIBLE: The Bible contains three million five hundred and sixty-six thousand four hundred eighty letters, eight hundred and ten thousand six hundred ninety-seven words, thirty-one thousand one hundred seventy-five verses, one thousand one hundred eighty-nine chapters, and sixty-six books. The longest chapter in the Bible is Psalm 119, and the shortest chapter is Psalm 117. The longest book in the Old Testament is Psalms. The longest book in the New Testament is Luke.

THE FOUNDATION FOR ALL OF OUR BELIEF IS THE BIBLE: Therefore, it has been and is today the focal point of Satan's attack. Sometimes the attack is made from outside the church, but more often the attack on the authenticity and reliability of the scriptures come from religious and theological sources. Yet, the favorite name of the Bible for itself is "The Word of God." No where in the Bible do we find the word, "Bible", the word "Bible" comes through the French language to us by way of Latin and Greek. It was originally a word used to describe a container of precious writings. Eventually, it came to refer to the sacred writings of those who call themselves Christians. We divided into the Old Testament and ...

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