Will There Be World Peace By The Year 2000? (25 Of 26) by Stan Coffey

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Will There Be World Peace By The Year 2000? (25 Of 26)
Issues of the 90's
Dr. Stan Coffey

In spite of the end to the cold war, wars-and rumors of war continue to plague the international scene in Yugoslavia, -Gama, and several republics of the Soviet Union. In the Middle East terrorism, blood shed, and strife seem to be the order of the day. Though many wise world leaders have worked for peace, negotiated for peace, and-pled for peace, peace has not become a reality. Newly elected Prime Minster Rabin of Israel has promised that he will make concessions in order to bring about a settlement to the Palestinian question and to bring stability to the Middle East. Interestingly enough the Bible does predict- a time of simulated peace during the end times. This peace will be only a surface peace and will not last. The only real peace the world can know cannot be negotiated by man, but it will only come as the supernatural intervention of Almighty God. In Psalms 2 the Bible explains the struggle in the spiritual world which lies behind all the warfare and struggles that we continue to know as we near the 21th century.

A. A world of violent rage - verse I... "Why do the heathen rage?"
1. Rage is an expression of frustration – what you do when you don't know what-else to do.
2. Rage is an expression of a world out of control.
B. The voice of vicious rebellion - verse 2..."the kings of the world set themselves".
I- The heathen rage because they are in rebellion against Almighty God - they have set themselves against the Lord and against His anointed.
2. There is evidence in the 1990's that there is a rebellion against the Judeao-Christian ethic.
a. When Jesus came the first time, the world of government rejected Him - the world government rejects Him today.
b. When Jesus came the first time the world of culture rejected Him – the world of culture repudiates Him today.
c. When Jesus came th ...

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