Report From Russia: Current Events In Light Of Bible Prophecy (23 Of 26) by Stan Coffey

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Report From Russia: Current Events In Light Of Bible Prophecy (23 Of 26)
Issues of the 90's
Dr. Stan Coffey

Of Israel God says in Jeremiah 31:8 "Behold I will bring them from the north country." The "them" of course refers to God's people, the Jews. The "north country" refers to the former USSR, the Soviet Union. The exodus of the Jews from Russia back to Israel is an indication of accelerated fulfillment of Bible prophecy in our day. In the past two years more than 500,000 Jews have fled the former Soviet Union to their ancient homeland. Current events in Russia truly point to the soon return of Christ.

A. The prophecy. Jeremiah 16:14-15
1. The 'land of the north' is the former USSR, and parallels to Egypt of ancient times
2. The collapse of Egypt and subsequent exodus of the Jews took place in 430 years. The collapse of the Soviet Union and subsequent exodus of the Jews took places in 43 years.
3. The initiating factor of the exodus from Russia was that the Soviet Union has no heir left, the death of her "firstborn".
4. Parallel with the death of the Communist "firstborn" the Soviets had to let the Jews go.
5. Parallel with the exodus from Egypt in ancient times, the Jews left Russia in great haste and in great numbers
B. The fulfillment. Jeremiah 31:8-11
1. The Jews arriving from Russia in Tel Aviv were a "great company"
2. Among them were sick people, pregnant women, you ...

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