The Los Angeles Riots, Gun Control, And The Bible (18 Of 26) by Stan Coffey

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The Los Angeles Riots, Gun Control, And The Bible (18 Of 26)
Issues of the 90's
Dr. Stan Coffey
Matthew 5:9

INTRODUCTION: Many people confuse Matthew 5:9 which says, "Blessed are the peacemakers" with the statement "Blessed are the pacifists." There is a great deal of difference. In a very true sense more peace is made by fighting than by running. The Baby Boomer generation has been highly influenced by the teachings of child doctor and psychologist, Dr. Spock. The generation taught by Dr. Spock was not spanked, was not disciplined and was encouraged to do their own thing without any restraint. Their rebellion against authority, the lack of restraint and discipline in our schools, and the general lack of respect for authority is turned loose upon our nation. A whole generation of Anarchists, they are the ones who have tried to take the fire arms out of our hands and leave them in the hands of the criminals and the gangsters. This same group of people have advocated in the schools that there should be no dress code, no mention of God, the Bible or prayer, and no demand for respect of teachers. This same group has advocated that all rules should be taken away, all restraint should be taken away and all authority should be taken away. With this same teaching comes the idea that capital punishment is wrong, that all war is wrong and some would even say that it is wrong and unscriptural for Christians to serve in the military.

The truth is nobody has ever got peace by running. Peacemaking is not running, it is not being afraid to fight. Peacemaking is standing up for that which is right.

A. God's attitude toward discipline of children
1. Proverbs 13:24 says, "He that spareth the rod, hateth the child."
2. Failure to discipline children does not show love for the children
3. Discipline should not be excessive and is not a reference to child abuse.
4. Discipline and respect for authority must begin ...

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