The New Age Movement: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (3 Of 26) by Stan Coffey

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The New Age Movement: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (3 Of 26)
Series: Issues of the 90's
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 3:1-6

INTRODUCTION: What is the new age? Where did it originate? These are difficult questions to answer because New Age Philosophy borrows from many different philosophical and religious sources. It seems to be a melting pot of Eastern Philosophy. It is something of a "cosmic sponge" which absorbs all religion, cultures, and governments.

For the "New Agers" God is totally impersonal. He might be called a "force", an "energy", or the "all pervading reality". in essence New Age Philosophy embraces 2 basic beliefs: Evolutionary godhood - the idea that everything is God and we are all becoming God. The other is global unity - the idea of bringing everyone in the world together in one identifiable movement.

A. Code words: Awakening, enlightenment, centering, channeling, consciousness, cosmic energy, global village, holistic human potential, self-actualization, transcendental, transformational, transpersonal
B. Symbols: rainbows, pyramid, triangle, eye in a triangle, pegasus, the winged horse, concentric circles, rays of light, swastika, goat head, pentagram, unicorn, 666

Same technique used by Satan in the Garden of Eden
A. Deception number one - Potential for self-development - Gen 3:4
1. Addresses fear of death with teaching of re-incarnation "ye shall not surely die"
2. Reincarnation denies the reality of accountability of the individual soul to God as taught in scripture
3. One's past life can be explored through "channeling"
4. This teaches that all plants, animals and human beings are all interrelated and in the process of "becoming"
5. Through transmigration one moves from one form to another
6. New Agers deny the reality of evil, sin and suffering - all people get what they deserve - therefore there is no evil or injustice in the world ...

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