Creation or Evolution - Which? (2 of 26) by Stan Coffey

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Creation or Evolution - Which? (2 of 26)
Series: Issues of the 90's
Stan Coffey
Psalm 100; Genesis 1; Job 40:15-24; Romans 8:22

INTRODUCTION: Is evolution fact or fiction? Is man made in the image of God or is God made in the imagination of man? Is planet earth an accident or did it come into existence through the intricate design of a Supreme Being?. Is man a clever animal or is he a living soul?

The answer to this foundational question will determine man's view of the future, his value system and his priorities.


A. That all animals and plants are descended from one prototype (Charles Darwin, The Origin Of The Species)
B. Through an evolutionary process of millions of years man evolved into his present form

1. Slime produced protozoan
2. Protozoan turned into an unsegmented worm
3. After millions of years the worm turned into fish
4. Through greater complexity the fish turned into an amphibian
5. The amphibian turned into a reptile
6. The reptile grew wings and feathers
7. The bird became a mammal which after billions of years turned into a man


A. Evolution should be rejected for logical reasons

1. Many reputable scientists do not believe the evolutionary hypothesis
2. Dr. Newton Tomassium, physiologist Atomic Energy Commission; Dr. Etheridge, British Museum; Dr. Ambros Fleming, President Philosophical Society of Great Britain; Dr. Cecil Wakely, late president Royal College of Surgeons

B. Evolution should be rejected for rational reasons

1. Inadequate explanation of the origin of life

a. Meteorites
b. Extraterrestrial Visitors
c. Spontaneous generation - an accident - a fortuitous co ...

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