Magic Johnson, Aids And The Bible (1 Of 26) by Stan Coffey

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Magic Johnson, Aids And The Bible (1 Of 26)
Series: Issues of the 90's
Dr. Stan Coffey
Romans 1:24 and 25; 1 Corinthians 6:15 and 16

One of the unique problems we face in the 90's is the problem of aids. Although mankind has always had a battle with disease, aids is seemingly unique to our generation and our time. It is also true that from time to time God has sent plagues upon man as a judgment for sin. ie: Moses and Pharaoh in the Exodus. Some believe that aids is a plague from God, others believe it is a judgment upon homosexuality. lt is t-rue that while both heterosexual and homosexual individuals face the problem of aids most people believe it did begin in the homosexual community in Africa then it spread to the heterosexual community and it is far more prevalent among the homosexuals than the heterosexuals but the gap between the two will lessen as time goes on. There is no doubt that God's word speaks against the sin of homosexuality and there is no doubt that "Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap." (Galatians 6) In the lesson today we shall examine the passages of scripture that apply to a plague such as aids and we shall point out that in the last days God prophesies some unusual physical plagues will come upon planet earth. All of these plagues are judgments that come upon man as a result of sin that man has brought upon himself.

A. The response of the church must always be to hold high the standards of Biblical and moral values in regard to sexual activity.
B. It is also the responsibility of the church to maintain an attitude of compassion, redemption and forgiveness to those infected with the disease.
1. The HIV virus always leads to Aids - usually in 5-7 years and theoretically in as long as 20 years
2. Death is always the result of Aids

A. The origin of Aids
1. Aids seems to have begun in the prisons of Africa and was derived by homosexual activity with one male infecting another ...

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