I Peter: How To Live Until Jesus Comes (26 Of 32) by Stan Coffey

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I Peter: How To Live Until Jesus Comes (26 Of 32)
Through the Bible Survey
Dr. Stan Coffey

AUTHORSHIP: The writer of this epistle that bears his name is unquestionably Peter, the great apostle of the gospels and of the book of Acts. The first epistle of Peter was written from Babylon (5:13) and was addressed to "the strangers scattered abroad throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia" (1: ).

THEME: From the emphasis on suffering in the epistle it appears that the Jewish believers who were especially on Peter's heart were in the midst of persecution for their faith in Christ. Peter showed that Christ is our example in suffering and the certainty of our hope of glory.

TIME OF WRITING: The latter part of the seventh decade of the first century A.D. - a time of terrible suffering for believers. It is interesting to note that Peter wrote from the city of Babylon (modern day Iraq). There are those who say that when Peter wrote Babylon he meant Rome but these are individuals who have a vested interest in putting Peter at Rome. In light of Biblical evidence it is very difficult to support the idea that Peter was a bishop of Rome and we're not certain that he was ever there at all. We have no reason to believe that Peter meant anything except the literal Babylon

A. Live in hope - 1:1-12
B. Live in holiness - 1:13-21
C. Live in harmony - 1:22-2:10

A. Submi ...

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