Highlights From Hebrews (24 Of 32) by Stan Coffey

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Highlights From Hebrews (24 Of 32)
Through the Bible Survey
Dr. Stan Coffey
November 3, 1991

Problem Passages In The Book Of Hebrews

INTRODUCTION: Many regard five passages in Hebrews as problem passages. These passages seem to teach the possibility of apostasy or falling from grace. Without question these passages compose five warnings within the body of the book of Hebrews.

A. The reason for neglect - vs. 3-4
1. Salvation is neglected because people don't understand its greatness
a. Salvation is great in its origination
b. Salvation is great in its confirmation
2. Salvation is neglected because people forget its uniqueness "How shall we escape?"
B. The results of this neglect - vs. 1-2
1. The danger of drifting - (slip)
2. The danger of destruction
a. Transgression - violation of God's standard
b. Disobedience - failure to obey
C. The remedy for neglect - vs. 1
1. "to give the more earnest heed" - to apply the mind tenaciously
2. To give total concentration to the Word of God

II. HEART TROUBLE - 3:7-4:11
A. The causes of a hardened heart - vs. 7-13
1. Delay can cause it - vs. 7-8
2. Restlessness can cause it - vs. 10-11 - The nation of Israel strayed away from God
3. Unbelief can cause it - vs. 12 - to refuse to believe is to risk a hardened heart
4. Sin can cause it - vs. 13-14
B. The consequences of a hardened heart - 3:15-4:10
"They should not enter his rest"
1. Israel's rest - vs. 15-19
2. The Father's rest - 4:4 - The rest of creation
3. Jesus' rest - vs. 10
C. The cure of the hardened heart
1. Hear His word - 3:7 - "hear his voice"
2 Believe His word - vs. 2 - the word must not only be heard but mixed with faith
3. Obey His word - vs. 11
4. Share His word - vs. 13 - the word encourage is parakaleo translated other places as comforter

A. The enemies of assurance - 5:11-6:8
1. People fail to have assurance because of immaturity - 5:11-6:3
2 ...

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