Philippians: Turn Your Prison Into A Palace Through Continual Rejoicing (13 Of 32) by Stan Coffey

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Philippians: Turn Your Prison Into A Palace Through Continual Rejoicing (13 Of 32)
Through the Bible Survey
Dr. Stan Coffey
August 18, 1991

AUTHORSHIP: The Apostle Paul to the Church at Philippi from the Roman prison.

BACKGROUND: Paul's letter to the Philippians was sent to the first Christian church he planted in Europe. His first visit to that city was on his second missionary journey and he was accompanied by Silas and Timothy and probably Luke (Acts 16). The city of Philippi, a Roman military colony in Macedonia, probably had very few Jews in its population. The persecution of the Christians at Philippi had arisen from gentile sources due mainly to the fact that the gospel had threatened vested financial interests. The Philippian believers had retained their first love for Paul and had helped him more than once with his financial needs while he was in prison. The Apostle's gratitude is shown repeatedly in the epistle. The Church at Philippi was no doubt Paul's favorite church.

THEME: The Church at Philippi was free from the many errors which necessitated most of Paul's other letters. Paul's reasons for writing were two-fold. He wanted to acknowledge the receipt of a financial gift delivered by Epaphrodifus. He also wished to encourage the members of the church to lay aside animosity and live in peace with one another. Written in prison by a man chained day and night to a soldier the letter to the Philippians resounds however with a note of joy. The word rejoice and its synonyms occur 16 times in four short chapters.


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