Matthew: Gospel Of The King (1 Of 32) by Stan Coffey

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Matthew: Gospel of the King (1 of 32)
Through the Bible Survey
Dr. Stan Coffey
May 12, 1991

I. THE TITLE: This gospel bears the name of its penman, Matthew, which means "gift of God"
II. THE WRITER: Matthew's original name was Levi (Mark 2:14, Luke 5:37). He was by birth a Jew, by calling a publican or tax collector. Apparently he was a man of wealth, Matt. 9:9 and 10
III. THE DATE: The date of Matthew's gospel is variously placed from 45 - 70 A.D. Seventeen independent witnesses of the first centuries attest the genuineness of Matthew's gospel.
IV. PURPOSE: The purpose of the gospel according to Matthew is to prove that Jesus is-Messiah as foretold by Old Testament prophets. Matthew is in a very real sense a Jewish gospel.
A. It is not a chronological but a systematic, topical gospel.
B. It is a teaching gospel. It contains a number of discourses.
C. It is a kingly gospel. It gives the royal descent.
D. It is an official gospel. Official persons are named.


I. The Revelation of a King - Ch. 1 - 10
A. His person - Ch. 1 - 4
B. His principles - Ch. 5 - 7
C. His power - Ch. 8 - 10

II. The Rebellion Against the King - Ch. 11 - 13
A. His messenger rejected - Ch. 11:1-19
B. His works denied - Ch. 11:20-30
C. His principles refused - Ch. 12:1-21
D. His person attacked - Ch. 12:22-50
E. His method "the mysteries, the kingdom" - Ch. 13

III.- The Retirement of the King - Ch. 14 - 20
A. B ...

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