Satan and the Angelic Rebellion (13 of 16) by Stan Coffey

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Satan and the Angelic Rebellion (13 of 16)
Series: Angels! Angels! Angels!
Dr. Stan Coffey

We have seen that Satan as an angel possesses a personality. Angels also have proper names, and they have all the properties of personhood: mind, emotion, and will. When an angel praises God it is an emotional expression.

A. Satan as a person.
1. His traits.
a. The ability to plan - II Cor. 11:3.
b. The ability to communicate - Matt. 4:1-11; Genesis 3:1-6.
c. The ability to will something - Matt. 4:8-9.

2. His accountability.
a. Satan is held personally accountable by God for his actions. Animals are not accountable and have no Biblical standard or moral behavior.
b. God said He would Judge Satan - Genesis 3:15; Romans 16:20 implies that Satan knowingly violated God’s standards.

3. His names.
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