The Ministry Of Angels In Relation To God The Father (4 of 16) by Stan Coffey

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The Ministry Of Angels In Relation To God The Father (4 Of 16)
Dr. Stan Coffey

Thus far in our stud-y of angels we have examined the reality of angels. The scripture mentions angels 273 times. In our second lesson we looked at the origin of angels created by God the Father through God the Son as the creative agent. We looked at the nature of -'angels created with personality (mind, emotion, and will), freedom of choice, and immortality. Once created they never cease to exist. Prior to Satan's fall, we know that the angels were exquisite, beautiful creatures who reflect the glory and majesty of God. In today's lesson we will look at the ministry of angels. This is the first of three lessons studying how angels minister to God the Father, to Christ the Son, to believers, and to unbelievers.

A. Angels Minister to God the Father As Ministers of Worship.
1. Isaiah's awesome vision of the Seraphim - Isaiah 6:3.
2. Rev. 4:6-11 - 4 angelic creatures are around the throne of God.
3. Revelation 5:8-13 shows angelic creatures Joining others to sing the new song of redemption that excels Moses' old song - Exodus 15; Deuteronomy 32.
4. Angels sing their praise - Job 38:7; Rev. 5:8-9.
B. Angels Minister to God the Father as Ministers of Service.
1. Angels act as priestly ministers to God.
a. In Heb. 1:7 the term ministers is generally used of a priestly service before God.
b. Angels do not represent men or pray to angels - Colossians 2:18; Revelation 22:8-9.
c. Ministry refers to service in God's presence.
d. Hebrews 1:7 suggests the angelic hosts serve Him quickly as wind and fervently as fire.
2. Angels minister to God as personal messengers.
a. The word angel means "messenger".
b. Angels hasten to carry out God's orders harkening to the voice of His commandments - Psalm 103:20.
c. Angels stand in God's presence receiving God's orders - Luke 1:19 ...

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