Highway To Happiness (6 Of 12) by Stan Coffey

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Highway To Happiness (6 Of 12)
Series: Victory in the Wilderness
Dr. Stan Coffey
Exodus 25:23-30
July 31, 1988

INTRODUCTION: As we are studying Victory in the Wilderness we are seeing that the Tabernacle is a blueprint of the believer. The outer court representing our body, the inner court representing our soul and the innermost place representing our spirit where the Shekinah glory of God dwells. For God's spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. We are now studying how each piece of the furniture in the tabernacle has spiritual significance for our lives. We started in the outer court with the brazen altar and saw that it spoke of Christ our sacrifice. Then we studied the brazen layer filled with water representing the Word of God as it is made alive to us by the Holy Spirit. And the brazen layer speaks of Christ our sanctification. Now today we enter the inner court where we find three pieces of furniture, the first of which is the table of shewbread. The table of shewbread tells us that Christ is our sustenance. He is the one that we must feed upon daily if we are to have victory in the wilderness.

A. The nature of Christ
1. The table was made of wood which speaks of the humanity of Christ
2. The table was overlayed with gold which speaks of the divinity of Christ
B. The royalty of Christ - verse 24
1. This table had a crown round about it
2. This crown speaks of His royalty because Jesus has been crowned with glory and honor
C. The omnipresence of Christ - verses 26 and 27
1. There were four rings of gold in either corner of this table and long rods or staves would be slipped through those rings of gold
2. This tells us that this table was to be carried through the wilderness
3. Therefore the rings of gold and staves speak of the omnipresence of Christ. He is with us wherever we go
D. The availability of Christ - verse 29
1. The provision of the utensils
2. Th ...

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