You Can Tell A Book By It's Cover (5 Of 12) by Stan Coffey

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You Can Tell A Book By It's Cover (5 Of 12)
Series: Victory in the Wilderness
Dr. Stan Coffey
July 24, 1988
Exodus 30:17-21, 38:8 and 47

INTRODUCTION: In our last lesson we studied the first piece of furniture of the Tabernacle, the brazen altar, which was placed just inside the door of our outer court. In this lesson we will look carefully at the second piece of furniture in the outer court which stood just before the door into the holy place. This piece of furniture is called the brazen layer. What rich and challenging lessons emerge from the study of these two article of furniture in the outer court. The brazen altar teaches us the way of reconciliation, while the brazen layer leads us into the way of sanctification. Without reconciliation we can never know sanctification. But if we are truly reconciled to God then we must experience both positional and practical sanctification. Positional sanctification is that once for all washing or regeneration by the Word that establishes a permanent relationship with God. Practical sanctification is the day by day and moment by moment cleansing by the Word through the spirit. Without this practical sanctification there is no fellowship with God and worship and witness become ineffective and barren. God's Word to His ancient people and to His church today is "Ye shall be holy for I the Lord your God am holy." - Leviticus 19:2 Without holiness there is no happiness. Without both positional and practical sanctification there can be no holiness.

A. The brazen layer and its foot were to be made out of the mirrors of the women who assembled at the door of the congregation - Ex. 38:8
B. These women voluntarily gave up these articles of luxury for this purpose
C. No specific direction regarding size and shape was given by God concerning the layer

A. The spiritual significance of the materials
1. The layer was m ...

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