Where Is God When I Need Him Most? (1 Of 12) by Stan Coffey

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Where Is God When I Need Him Most? (1 Of 12)
Series: Victory in the Wilderness
Dr. Stan Coffey
Exodus 25:1-9 Hebrews 8:1and2
June 26, 1988

INTRODUCTION: The Tabernacle was an object lesson to the children of Israel for nearly 500 years, from Moses to David. It gave place to the temple the more permanent structure during the reign of Solomon. Although the Tabernacle itself has long since ceased to exist its lessons remain to this day. Dr. M.R. Dehone said "There is no portion of scripture richer in meaning or more perfect in its teaching of the plan of redemption than this divinely designed building." During these studies of the Tabernacle we will learn from God how we may have victory in the wilderness.

A. The outer court
1. It's size - 75 feet by 150 feet
2. A fence 7' feet high enclosing it
3. One gate toward the east 30 feet wide
4. The furnishings of the outer court
a. The brazen altar
b. The laver
B. The inner court
1. The first part of the inner court a space 15 feet wide, 15 feet high and 30 feet long containing three pieces of furniture
a. On the north a table of shewbread
b. The golden lamp stand or menorah on the south
c. In the center at the door of the Holy of Holies the altar of incense
2. The innermost court or Holy of Holies - 15 feet by 15 feet by 15 feet, a perfect cube
a. The Ark of the Covenant
b. The Mercy Seat

A. The Tabernacle is a descrip ...

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