The Sin Unto Death (13 Of 18) by Stan Coffey

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The Sin Unto Death (13 Of 18)
Series: Direct Answers to Difficult Questions
Dr. Stan Coffey
May 8, 1988
Acts 5:1-11 I John 5:16

INTRODUCTION: Just as there is a boundary line for the unsaved when they can go too far in their resistance to the grace of God, there is also a boundary line for believers when God brings conviction in their life. The scripture teaches that God is a patient God and a loving God but his purpose is to discipline us and bring us into the image of Jesus Christ. What happens when a believer lives in constant, consistent rebellion against God. Can God's chastisement reach a level of severity where God will actually take a believer from this earth prematurely.

A. Who commits the sin unto death "If any man see his brother"
B. What kind of death is it
1. Physical death
2. Premature death
3. Death before your appointed time
C. How do you commit this sin and what type of sin is it
1. This is not just ordinary sin or a particular sin
2. It is the sin of contending with God
3. It is the sin of resisting God's conviction - Striving with God or rebelling against His moving in your life
D. When do you commit this sin
1. You may have been involved in the sin for a long time but now God sets the stage to deliver you
2. He's given you light and is convicting you but you've refused to cooperate with Him
3. You rationalize your sin and procrastinate on repentance
4. It is a stubbornness that will not accept His grace or submit to His will
E. The course of this sin
1. First God deals in chastisement
2. Then God deals in scourging-
3. Then God gives a believer up - I Cor. 5:5, I Cor. 3:15, I John 5:16
F. How do you know when you have committed this sin
1. God gives a warning first - He moves very strongly in your life in conviction
2. God sends someone to you
a. It may be a prophet coming to rebuke you

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