Is There A Sin God Will Not Forgive? (12 Of 18) by Stan Coffey

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Is There A Sin God Will Not Forgive? (12 Of 18)
Series: Direct Answers to Difficult Questions
Dr. Stan Coffey
April 24, 1988

INTRODUCTION: It is tragic enough to think that our sins necessitated the death of the Lord Jesus Christ, but to think that men can sin so as to never be forgiven is almost beyond the realm of human comprehension. Yet the words of Jesus are quiet clear in Matthew 12:22-32. In this lesson we will consider what the sin is that God can't forgive, who commits this sin and how one may know when they have committed this sin.

A. We need to expose this sin in order that we might warn people against committing it
B. We need to expose this sin because it is perhaps the most prevalent sin being committed today

A. This sin can only be committed by those who have been witness to the person of Christ
B. This sin can be committed only by persons who have been witness to the power of Christ
1. The Pharisees had been witness many times to both the person and power of Christ
2. The Pharisees refused the witness of the Holy Spirit as to who Christ was - Matt. 12:24
3. The Pharisees assigned the works of Christ to the person of the devil thereby blaspheming (speaking against) the testimony of the Holy Spirit concerning Christ
C. This sin is the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit
1. To blaspheme means to insult something sacred or to speak against
2. Blaspheming is not just what you say but what you do
3. Blaspheming the Holy Spirit with one word begins with the thoughts of ones' heart
4. Blaspheming the Holy Spirit means to reject the Holy Spirits conviction concerning Jesus - John 16:8-11

A. This is a sin against opportunity
1. The Pharisees - had many opportunities ...

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