The Shroud Of Turin: Was It Really The Burial Garment Of Jesus? (11 Of 18) by Stan Coffey

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The Shroud Of Turin: Was It Really The Burial Garment Of Jesus? (11 Of 18)
Series: Direct Answers to Difficult Questions
Dr. Stan Coffey
April 3, 1988
John 20:1-8

INTRODUCTION: Locked securely away in the Cathedral of St. John in Turin, Italy is a linen cloth fourteen feet long and three and one half feet wide. It's threads are hand spun and its fabric is hand woven. On the fabric are two images, front and back of a nude caucasion male, five feet, eleven inches tall and weighing one hundred seventy five pounds. He had been severely beaten and his wounds appear to be those of one who had been scourged and crucified. It is believed by many that it was this cloth with which our Lord was wrapped and placed in a garden tomb near Golgotha almost 2,000 years ago. At this moment the Shroud is locked in an iron chest in the Cathedral of Turin. It has been taken out only nine times in the past two hundred years. The perplexing question is how did the images appear on this cloth.

A. How did these images appear on the cloth
1. The images distinctly show the figure of a man who's been crucified
2. Some theorize that at the exact moment of the resurrection Jesus emitted such a burst of energy that in a miraculous flash of radiation he burst from the dead leaving these images detailed on the burial cloth
B. The history of the shroud can only be validated to 1357 A.D., when it showed up in France
C. In 1389 it was placed on public display
D. In 1578 A.D. it was moved to the Cathedral of St. John in Turin where it has remained until this day
E. It has subsequently been willed to the Vatican

A. The first encounter with science came in 1898 when the first photographs of the relic were made
1. When the first photograph was made of the Shroud the photographic negative was not the usual, unrealistic negative, but instead a clear positive image
2. How could this have happened hundreds o ...

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