Could Jesus Have Sinned In The Flesh? (10 Of 18) by Stan Coffey

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Could Jesus Have Sinned In The Flesh? (10 Of 18)
Series: Direct Answers to Difficult Questions
Dr. Stan Coffey
April 17, 1988

INTRODUCTION: The teaching of the Bible is that the great, eternal God took upon himself human flesh and became man. He lived thirty three years in this world in a body. Hebrews 4:13 says he was tempted at every point just as you and I are tempted. But the Bible makes it clear that he did not sin. If Jesus was fully God and fully man then was it really possible for him to. be tempted in all points as we are? If Jesus was God then how could God be tempted to sin? If Jesus was also man how could he truly be a man without temptation to sin?

A. Jesus Christ was truly and absolutely God
1. Jesus claimed to be God
a. "I and my Father are one" - John 10:30-33
b. Jesus claimed to be the Messiah who was God to the Jews - John 4:26
c. Jesus said he was one with the Father - John 14:9
2. The Apostles taught that Jesus was God
a. The Apostle John said Jesus was God - John 1:1
b. The Apostle Thomas said Jesus was God - John 20:28
c. ...

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