Psalm 76 by Claude Thomas


I. Where God dwells, vv. 1-3

Explanation: God's "natural dwelling" is among His people. The fact that God was known in Judah, a narrow, local residence and glory, has become a blessing to the entire world, "for salvation is from the Jews," (John 4:22). So also, the priorities of the church: that God be made known, (Philippians 3:10) and His name held great (John 12:27ff). In v. 2 the expression of "lair" has a tacit comparison of the Lord to a lion (cf. Jeremiah 25:38).

Application: This tells us where God wants to be! Among His people! The results of His being there: He is esteemed as great, and He is made known to others.

II. Who God is, vv. 4-9

Explanation: God ...

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