Key Questions In The Quest For Life by Claude Thomas

Psalm 42

Introduction: It is my conviction that life is worth living in spite of its problems and difficulties. I am also convinced we are in the quest for life regardless of what is occurring in or around our lives. As a help in that quest, there are key questions we can use...

I. Do you see life as a mirror or a window?

Explanation: The Psalmist is caught in the throes of seeing life as mirror. Fifty times in Psalm 42 and 43 he used the personal pronouns "I,' "me," "my." He was focused upon himself rather than God -- Whom he mentions only 20 times and "the Lord" only once.

He was discouraged, defeated, and depressed. Why?
His unborn plans. Going to the Temple was more than part of his heritage, it was at the heart of his hope.
His unrelieved pains. People said, "Your God has abandoned you." David felt, "He has!"
His unanswered perplexities. "Why?" was the question. He found no explanation. The Psalmist was failing his quest for life. He saw life as a mirror. He was self-centered.

David's plans, pains, and perplexities were the focus of his attention. Wherever he turned, he saw himself.

Illustration: House of Mirrors.

What he needed was a window! He needed to look through his circumstances and see God.

Application: There are times when we need to examine ourselves and confess our sins. Yet, to concentrate upon ourselves, our sins, and our situations for extended periods will lead us into the danger zone of discouragement and depression. For then you will only see yourself wherever you look, -- that's why "a change of scenery" does not fix the problem.

Rather than "a change of scenery" we need a change of focus! Through every situation, we must see God in the picture. See life as window -- not a mirror!

Illustration: The prime illustration of seeing life as window rather than a mirror was Jesus. When He looked at nature He saw the Father at work (Matthew 6:24-34). ...

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