A Life Of Adoration by Claude Thomas

Psalm 103:1-5,20-22

Introduction: In his book Confronting Casual Christianity, Charles Stanley states, "Apathy, complacency, indifference, spiritual drowsiness and insensitivity are lulling the church of the Lord Jesus Christ to sleep. Will the last trumpet be the only instrument to awaken slumbering, groggy Christians? Is there a road that leads away from the effects of casual Christianity?" There is such a road. It is the purpose and design of God Almighty that his people live in perpetual revitalizing experience with Himself. It is His purpose that our Christian experience be characterized by its exuberance, vitality, enthusiasm and by its effect upon a spiritually dead and dying world. Psalm 103 is one of spiritual renewal.

I. Call for total participation, vv. 1, 20-22

Explanation: The total creation is called to adore its Maker, vv. 20-22.
V. 20 - exalted angels
V. 21 - all hosts which serve Him
V. 22 - all His works to adore Him

Application: The total person is to adore Him - v. 1. "All that is within me" - not portions, but all.

Application: Participate with your conscience, qu ...

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