How God's Spirit Immortalized Mary's Very Common Life By Very Un-Common Living (2 of 3) by John Barnett

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How God's Spirit Immortalized Mary's Very Common Life By Very Un-Common Living (2 of 3)
Series: Spirit-Filled
John Barnett
Luke 1:26-2:19

We are studying what it means to walk through life in step with the Spirit of God. There is nothing complicated about life as a believer, it is just staying under the direction & control of the Spirit. When we do so we can live the most amazing life possible, the life God desires us to live. This morning as we look at Mary there is one truth we need to notice:

The Holy Spirit can make any common life to become un-common.

The Holy Spirit can make any ordinary life to be extra-ordinary.

The Holy Spirit can make any life headed nowhere to a life headed somewhere eternal.
Each person in God's Word that surrendered to God's Spirit, lived a life no one else ever lived, or could live.

Today we look at a young lady with a very common name, in fact, maybe the most common name of the day where she lived. Yet this commonly named girl becomes perhaps the most famous woman in history.


Mary had a very common name. In Old Testament Hebrew it is Miriam as in the sister of Moses. Some Bible scholars say that one in five were named Mary in Israel Century One . That's common.

Even to this day the name Mary is common. How many Mary's have there been over the years? Social Security records over the past 100 years cite Mary as the most frequently used name (3.61 million). We have 31 different ladies named Mary just here at CBC alone.

In the New Testament we have at least six Mary's:

1. Mary Magdalene, the woman from who seven devils were expelled (Lk 8:2).
2. Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus, sitting at Jesus' feet and listening to his teachings (Lk 10: 38-42).
3. Mary, mother of James and John, and witness of the crucifixion and the empty tomb (Mk 15: 40-47).
4. Mary, the wife of Clopas, whom some identify with Mary, the mother of James and John (Jn ...

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