Bitter or Better: The Choice Is Ours (1 of 18) by Larry Osborne

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Bitter or Better: The Choice Is Ours (1 of 18)
Series: The Book of James - Core Training
Larry Osborne
James 1:1-8


James 1:1/ Luke 2:1-40/ Mark 3:20-21 and John 10:19-21/ Mark 6:2-6 and John 7:5/ John 19:25-27
Acts 15:1-31 and 21:17-18/ 1 Corinthians 15:3-8/ Acts 8:1 and 1 Peter 2:9


(1) When all hell breaks loose, how we THINK is more important than how we FEEL
James 1:2-3/ Romans 5:3-5/ Romans 12:2/ Hebrews 12:2

(2) We can't grow better if we squirm out

HALFWAY through the PROCESS James 1:4/ Genesis 12:1-4 and Genesis 11:31-32/ 1 Samuel 15:1-35


(1) Ask for both WISDOM in the trial and DELIVERANCE from the trial
James 1:5/ Mark 14:32-42

(2) If we're not going to LISTEN don't bother to ASK
James 1:5/ James 4:2/ Hebrews 11:6/ Luke 6:46-49

Growth Group Homework


Looking back at your notes from this weekend's teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?


1. Have you ever encountered a difficult situation where you thought it was impossible for any good to come out of it, only to realize later that it was an important part of your personal growth? If so, explain.

2. Do you think there is much difference in ''considering it pure joy'' as seen in James 1:2 and having a ''positive attitude''?


1. Choosing to not ''squirm out'' and short circuit the growth process can be no small challenge, especially when it seems like God is waiting at the other end, but not doing anything now to h ...

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