Two Keys To Being Right With God (14 of 18) by Chris Brown

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Two Keys To Being Right With God (14 of 18)
Series: The Book of James - Core Training
Chris Brown
James 4:11-17

#1 How we see others:
James 4:11-12, Mark 12:29-31, 1 John 4:7-12

Two problems with finding fault in others:

We break the royal law of loving others as ourselves.
We are playing the role of God as judge.

#2 How we see life:
James 4:12-17, Isaiah 14:12-15, 1 Peter 2:11-12, 1 John 2:15-17

There is no sin in planning out our life, but there is in leaving God out of the planning.

Three keys to building God's Kingdom, not ours:

Make it more about others than me.
Make sure that God is in control of our:


Make decisions based on eternity, more than finances.

''Prayerlessness may just be our greatest sin because of what it says about who we think is really in charge.''

Food for Thought

1. Chris talked about making decisions based on eternity more than finances. The Apostle Paul was consistently able to make decisions based on eternity despite facing many challenges and difficulties. What do you see in 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 that helps explain how ...

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