The Importance Of Baptism by Rex Yancey

The Importance Of Baptism
Rex Yancey
Matthew 3:13-17

Baptism and the Lord's Supper are the two ordinances of the church. Both were commanded by the Lord. They are important. There are many false ideas about baptism. There is no saving quality in baptism. It is an external rite that does not touch the heart. Baptism is not for babies. Baptism is for those who consciously know what decision they are making and why they are making it.

The mode of baptism is important. The Greek word means ''to plunge or dip under.'' The Eunuch was baptized where there was MUCH water. Jesus walked a great distance to get where John was to be immersed in water.

Baptist are known for the emphasis they place on baptism. Where there are groups who believe baptism is essential for salvation; we believe salvation is necessary for baptism.

Baptism is an important event in our lives. I was baptized in a farm pound with twenty eight others. I can remember the church gathered around the pond singing ''On Jordon's Storm Banks, and Shall we gather at the river.''

Some things in life are unforgettable: marriage, childbirth, graduation and baptism. Jesus didn't need baptism but submitted to it to ratify with John's message, inaugurate His ministry, and to identify with mankind.

Baptism is not essential to salvation. However, baptism is essential:


The only exception I know in the scripture to a profession of faith without baptism was the thief on the cross. Baptism is to a Christian what a wedding ring is to a married man. I can remember asking my sweetheart to marry me. She said, ''Yes.'' We made a private decision to spend our lives together. We made that private decision public by having a public wedding ceremony. We invited Jesus to come into our lives. We made that private decision public by submitting to baptism.


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