Andrew - A Magnetic Man by Claude Thomas

Claude Thomas
Matthew 10:1-2

Introduction: Names have meanings. This is
especially true in the Bible. Names that were changed
in Scripture denote changes in character. For
example, Simon was changed to Peter, and Saul to Paul.
Now we turn to a man whose name means "manly." His
name -- "Andrew." As we study the life of this
"Magnetic Man" we will discover desirable

I. Expressed Piety

Explanation: Piety means religious devotion and
dedication. Andrew had this characteristic. 1) He
was a God-fearing Jew, 2) he was a disciple of John
the Baptist, and 3) he was the first follower of

Application: It seems God has put within each of us a
capacity for worship and religious expression.

Illustration: Cultures reveal differences in their

Application: All men have a religious bent/nature.

Application: A growing Christian gives:
Freedom of flow - intends it to be
central in his life.
Focus of flow - centers the devotion
upon Christ.

II. Evangelism - getting people to Christ

Explanation: John 1:40-42a - "brought him to Jesus."
John 12:20-22 - Greeks, Philip
to Andrew, Andrew to Jesus
In a quiet unassuming way, Andrew got
people to Jesus!

Transition Statement: That, my friend is a mark of a
magnetic man, a growing Christian.

Illustration: Jim Peterson in the Navigators' book,
Evangelism as a Lifestyle, shows there are two styles:
proclamation and affirmation. Proclamation - best
with prepared; affirmation - best with unprepared.

Application: A growing Christian declares and
demonstrates the gospel.

III. Humility

Illustration: Small birds sing! Large birds do not -
cf turkey, eagle, ...

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