I Declare There Is More People - Part 1 (8 of 9) by Benny Perez

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I Declare There Is More People - Part 1 (8 of 9)
Series: I Declare There Is More
Benny Perez
Matt. 4:23-25

I Declare There Is More People for you to reach.

I. Jesus Was Sent On Mission

A. He came to do The Fathers Will John 6:38

1. Jesus was fulfilling his Fathers Will.

2. Jesus showed that his life was wrapped up in his Fathers Will.

3. Jesus was sent!! John 3:17

B. Jesus came to Redeem and Restore mankind.

1. Jesus was sent from the Father for mankind. John 17

2. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Luke 19:10

Key Pt: Jesus is not about a new moral system. He is not into behavior
Modification. He is the original heart surgeon.

Jesus is about a heart change. Being Born Again. Becoming a New

II. Jesus Mission Message - Preaching and Teaching Matt. 4:23-25

A. Jesus announced Good News about the Kingdom

1. Jesus is the Good News.

2. Jesus announced that Good News of Salvation from God.

Key Pt: The Good News of the Kingdom is that Jesus has made a way for us to
Enter into a relationship with the Father.

The Good News is that the Wrath of God came upon the Son on the Cross
So that the Blessings of the Son come on you.

Jesus died as you so you can live as Him.

B. Jesus Message is Good News

1. He is the Healer
2. He is the Restorer
3. He is the Comforter
4. He is the Forgiver of Sins
5. He is the Way

I ...

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