The Power of The Tongue (4 of 11) by Benny Perez

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The Power of The Tongue (4 of 11)
Series: James - Living Life
Benny Perez
James 3:1 - 12

Background: The Jewish people have been scattered because of persecution. They are now living abroad in foreign countries. They are experiencing some challenging times and James is writing to encourage them. James does not spend much time in teaching doctrine but rather in how our Christian Faith should be lived out.

The goal is Christian Maturity and Walking Out Your Faith. It is learning how to become all God
Has in store for you as a Christ Follower.

I. Perfection Is Not The Goal v. 1-2

A. Quit wanting to teach so quickly

1. James is addressing the problem of everybody thinking they can teach.
2. We don't need foolish, unwise, novice teachers in the church.

B. Going to be held to a stricter guideline

1. There is a great accountability when you teach.
2. There is a greater responsibility when you teach.
3. There is a greater scrutiny when you teach. People pick you apart.

Key Pt: Not everyone can preach and teach. James says it is not as easy as it looks. The implication is that God calls you into the Office of a Teacher. It is not something one aspires to do on their own.

C. All of us stumble in some area

1. Everybody is going to make some mistakes and mishaps.
2. God is not after perfection but He is looking for maturity.

Key Pt: Mature people know what and when to say certain things. The more immature you are the more your mouth will get you into trouble. Why is that?

II. The Tongue Directs Our Life v. 3-4

A. The bit in a horses mouth.

1. It is small in comparison to the size of the horse.
2. It is small but helps the rider to overcome the wild nature of a horse.
3. The small bit literally controls the whole body of the horse.

Key Pt: The bit helps overcome the inner nature of the horse.

B. The rudder is a small piece of a ship

1. It is ...

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