Raising A G-rated Family In An R-rated World (1 of 6) by Jeff Strite

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Raising A G-rated Family In An R-rated World (1 of 6)
Series: Raising A G-rated Family In An R-rated World
Jeff Strite
1 Peter 1:17-19

OPEN: A man was once hired to go and take a census in the hills of east Tennessee. He came to one ram-shackle home, knocked on the door and was greeted by a young girl. Brandishing his clipboard, the interviewer asked the girl, ''Is your mom home?''
She said, ''Nah, she ran off with a moon shiner.''
The man continued, ''Is your father home?''
''Nah,'' she replied, ''He Pokes his head in once a month to take a bath.''
The frustrated guy said, ''Do you have an older sister?''
''Yep'', she replied.
''Well, is she home?''
''Nope, she's in jail for shooting the sheriff.''
''Well, do you have a older brother?''
The guy said, ''Well then, is your older brother home?''
She said, ''Nah, he's at Harvard.''
The astonished census taker gasped and said, ''Harvard? What's he STUDYING?''
The girl said, ''Nothing. They're studyin' him!''

APPLY: Somehow it makes sense that a university would end up studying one of them… because they OBVIOUSLY weren't normal people.

But we want to be normal people with normal families. Over the years, the task of Christians trying to raise a ''Normal'' family has become harder and harder. And the reason is this: we are trying to raise G rated families in an increasingly ''R-rated'' world.

Some friends of mine compiled a list of TV sit-coms about families that have been popular over the past 50 years or so.
Father Knows Best
I Love Lucy
Leave It To Beaver

The Dick Van Dyke Show
Family Affair - single father, with a butler, raising two kids
Brady Bunch - ''blended family''

Happy Days which focused more on the kids than on ''family''
All in the Family - highly dysfunctional family headed by Archie Bunker

The Cosby Show
Full House - 3 men raising a family together
Kate and Allie - 2 divorced women raising their kids together

90's ...

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