Bringing Love Back to Life (2 of 3) by Kerry Shook

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Bringing Love Back to Life (2 of 3)
Series: Love & War
Pastor Kerry Shook

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The Five Phases of Love

Phase 1: Decision

Spiritual compatibility
“Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers ….” 2 Corinthians 6:14 (NIV)

Life-vision compatibility
“Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?” Amos 3:3 (NLT)

Phase 2: Delight

Phase 3: Dysfunction

Family issues, personality conflicts, selfishness

Phase 4: Disease

Avoidance, addiction, arguments, animosity

Phase 5: Death

“I pray that you will begin to understand how incredibly great His power is to help those who believe Him. It is that same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead.”
Ephesians 1:19-20 (LB)

John 11 (NIV)

1. Choose Commitment Over a Counterfeit
“So the sisters sent word to Jesus, ‘Lord, the one You love is sick.” Vs. 3


Previously on the Kindergarten Bachelor, our 6-year-old kindergarten bachelor, Taylor, is looking for true love. Fortunately he's met some beautiful and wonderful kindergarten girls. There were juice box dates, coloring dates, and it helped Taylor before the big decision.

Ladies, it's time for me to pick two of you; and it's really hard because all of you are so beautiful.

Taylor has narrowed it down to April and Sarah. Will Taylor find true love? We asked the girls how they felt about not getting a rose.

I wanted to get a rose.

It didn't come out to the way I wanted it to be.

If I told Taylor anything I would tell him that he's cute.

Would you do anything different?

Yes. Well, I would just instead of doing a rose ceremony I would do a cake ceremony. My favorite food is cake.

Taylor started the dating process. Taylor's first date was with Sarah, and it didn't go quite as well as Taylor had planned. Taylor found out that it can be very difficult to woo a woman when she doesn't want to be wooed.

It's like this. What you did. It won't go in.

You can't win them all Taylor. Taylor and April sat down at the piano and discovered that they had something in common. They both loved music. Taylor wowed April with his amazing musical ability, and he soon discovered that every girl loves a musician.

I like playing the piano with him.

It was getting late and the 7 o'clock curfew was rapidly approaching for Taylor. It was now time to make the important decision.

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