Committed to the Church (4 of 4) by Steve Jones

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Committed to the Church (4 of 4)
Series: Making Spiritual Commitments
Steve Jones
Matthew 16

Introduction: I worked in software sales for several years in Orlando. One of the skills I had to learn as a salesman was how to ''overcome objections.'' You see, to a salesperson, if ''no'' doesn't really mean ''no,'' it just means you have objections that must be uncovered and overcome.

The most challenging people to sell to were salesmen or former salesmen because they already know all your ''techniques.'' They would raise an objection and I would begin to maneuver and they'd say ''Oh, you're using a little TOM HOPKINS on me aren't you?'' Or, ''Hey, you got that from Zig Zigglar didn't you?''

In the world of Christianity, sometimes the most challenging people to get to commit to the local church are not the heathens, not pagans, not the atheists, not the evolutionists, not the humanists, it's not the sinners. Honestly, when those people get saved they almost always automatically join the church and get busy serving in God's kingdom. The most challenging people to get to commit to the church are the SPIRITUAL people. It's those who believe but who have left the church for whatever reason and have settled into some kind of spiritual limbo where they've become comfortable as unchurched believers. They already know all about the gospel and all about the church. You don't have anything new to say to them as far as they're concerned. They may show up for your services and take it in, but they're not going to take that step of commitment called ''joining the church.''

We'll today I want to direct this message to unchurched believers and my sermon in a sentence is, ''You need to commit to the local church by placing your membership.'' We're going to deal with three prime objections believers have to joining the church.


Matthew 16:18 ''Jesus replied...'On this rock I will build my church.'''

With this objection you c ...

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