Financial Security (8 of 10) by Larry Osborne

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Financial Security (8 of 10)
Series: Mind Games
Dr. Larry Osborne
Philippians 4:19


Money provides happiness, status, and security
Ecclesiastes/ Proverbs 18:11-12 and 11:28

Wealth is a sign of God's favor and approval
1 Timothy 6:5/ Hebrews 11:32-40/ Luke 18:18-27


Financial Freedom is . . .

(1) Freedom from excessive worry about money
Hebrews 13:5-6/ Matthew 6:25-34

(2) Freedom from the endless pursuit of money
Proverbs 23:4-5/ Ecclesiastes 5:10/ 1 Timothy 6:6-10


Always read the LARGE PRINT
Philippians 4:19/ Deuteronomy 28:1-15/ Romans 8:28

Their promise of security was based on their pattern of generosity
Philippians 4:14-19

THE 10-10-80 PLAN
Three Steps To Financial Freedom

(1) Give some today (10%)
Proverbs 11:24-25/ Ephesians 4:28/ Proverbs 3:9-10/ Haggai

(2) Save some for tomorrow (10%)
Proverbs 21:20/ Proverbs 13:7/ Proverbs 27:23-27/ Proverbs 19:2-3

(3) Enjoy the rest (80%)
1 Timothy 6:17-19

1. Based on this week's sermon and homework, is there anything you need to change or do in your life to experience more financial freedom?

2. Looking at the "10-10-80 Plan" Larry presented in the sermon, is there something you could do now to better bring your budget into alignment with it?

Growth Group Homework

Looking back at your notes from this week's teaching, Financial Freedom, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

1. Larry gave us a great definition of financial freedom this weekend. Can you think of times in your life when you were caught up in one or both of the negative behaviors Larry said financial freedom would liberate us from?

What has helped you gain freedom during times when you were engaged in these negative behaviors?

2. Which of the following messages about money and financial security did you learn from your family growing up?

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