To Build A Heavenly Vision (2 of 12) by Stan Coffey

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To Build A Heavenly Vision (2 of 12)
Series: The Heavenly Vision - Seeing the Invisible
Dr. Stan Coffey
Malachi 3:7-11


We want to think today about "The Heavenly Vision", seeing the invisible and a vision today of God's plan. I want to invite your attention to the Old Testament, Malachi Chapter 3 Verses 7. We'll begin in Verse 7 in just a moment.

Let me just say that we are praying that God would give us a vision. I pray God will give you a vision of what He wants to do in your life. The Bible says without a vision the people perish.

I talked last Sunday about the vision that I have for our church. Everything you see started with a vision. When a man wants to build a company, he starts with a vision of building a business a company. He has a dream and if he is a Christian man it may be that God has placed that dream in his heart.

The Bible says that in the last days God will pull out His Spirit and the result of that will be that God's people will have a vision, a heavenly vision. All of what you see about you, this building and the people about you, are here as a result of a vision that God placed in our heart.

God wants you to have a vision for your own life, what He wants to do in you and through you. We need to have a vision of what God is doing. You know the Bible talks about the fact that sometimes God is at work and there are people and who do not see what God is doing.

God has to open our eyes so that we can see that He is at work even now. I'm thankful that God is working even when we don't see Him at work and we don't realize He's working, He's at work.

A vision means to have spiritual eyesight, to see with the eyes of the heart, to see what the physical eyes cannot see, to have a vision of what God is doing, what He wants to do and to move in obedience to that vision.

Now a part of God's vision for His church is to support His work throug ...

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