The Power of a Vision (3 of 12) by Stan Coffey

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The Power of a Vision (3 of 12)
Series: The Heavenly Vision - Seeing the Invisible
Dr. Stan Coffey
Isaiah 6:1-9


Tonight I want to invite your attention for our study to Isaiah Chapter 6 and we are going to begin in Verse 1. Tonight I want us to think about the subject, ‘‘The Power of a Vision’’.

Isaiah was a prophet who began his ministry in Israel in the year 767 B.C. I was thinking today about the similarity of our time and Isaiah’s time. It was a time when Israel was surrounded by many foes. The great enemy from the North had come and it looked as though there would be no hope for the nation.

Isaiah was the kind of prophet who was not only a religious leader but one who was very close to the king. He was a preacher and a prophet and yet he had access into the palace and his opinion was well respected by the king of that day.

And yet as Isaiah looked at his world, he saw a very dark world. He saw some very dismal circumstances. He saw a nation that had gotten away from her founding principles.

He saw a nation that needed revival, that needed to turn to God, a nation that had violated the commandments of God and he saw that if Israel persisted in her current direction that the result would be that God would send judgment in the form of Israel becoming captive of another nation.

And their people would be lead away and the great nation that was ordained to be the nation through whom Jesus Christ the Messiah would come, would be a nation that would be no more.

And yet Isaiah knew that God had promised that there would be an eternal throne in Israel and that Israel would always be a chosen nation. So as he looked about him, he saw the hope of the nation in the king named, Uzziah.

And then something tragic took place, just when the enemy was threatening and the clouds of judgment seemed to be hovering over the nation, King Uzziah died.

Now notice in Chapte ...

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