Why Men Hate Going To Church (1 of 7) by Steve Jones

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Why Men Hate Going To Church (1 of 7)
Series: Man Church
Steve Jones

INTRODUCTION: A few years ago I went for my annual check-up and the doctor said everything looks fine but now that you're fifty you need to go see Dr. Mackay for a colonoscopy. I said, "Okay" and he gave me the number to call. The following year I went to see my doctor for my annual checkup and he said, "Did you get your colonoscopy?" and I said, "No." He gave me the card with Doctor Mackay's number and urged me to go get the colonoscopy. The following year at my annual checkup my doctor said, "I notice you haven't gone for your colonoscopy." I said, "That's right." He said, "I'm going to call and make the appointment for you." I said, "Thank you." The next day I called and cancelled the appointment. This past January I turned 54 and went to see my doctor. He finally asked me, "Why haven't you gone for your colonoscopy?" I replied with my objections: "it's invasive and unpleasant." He said, "It can save your life" and he gave me all the reasons why I needed to go. I said, Okay. I called Dr. Mackay and scheduled the procedure for mid-April. I'll keep you posted.

"Steve, why are you talking about colonoscopies in church? What does that have to do with anything?" I want to begin my message and this new sermon series by drawing an analogy. Many men, not all men, but many men, regard churchgoing like a colonoscopy: it's something that can save their lives, but it's so unpleasant and invasive, they put it off. Others, maybe some of the men here today, see the worship service as their weekly dose of religion, a bitter elixir they must swallow to remain healthy, but not something they look forward to.

In this sermon series I've called "Man Church" we're going to do something it took my doctor four years to do with me, and that is to ask, "why?" But first, let's identify the problem.
Matthew 4:19 "Come follow me," Jesus ...

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