A Double Portion of the Spirit (3 of 6) by Stan Coffey

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A Double Portion of the Spirit (3 of 6)
Series: A Life of Miracles
Stan Coffey
2 Kings 2:9-14


Now I want us tonight to turn to 2 Kings Chapter 2 for our studies. We continue the study of The Life of Miracles. Every believer's life is to be a life of miracles.

As you study the prophet Elisha you see that the prophet Elisha was a prophet of the miraculous. He is on the picture of every believer. He is a picture of you and me and how our life is a life which is to be supernatural; a life not of the monotonous but the life of the momentous as we allow the Spirit of God to have His will and His way in and through our lives.

Now you will recall that last week we talked about God's pathway to power, God's design for discipleship and we saw that there was a person to please and that person is Jesus Christ. We saw that there was a plan to pursue but God has a plan for ever life.

There was a price to pay. Here was a man who was willing to leave position, he was willing to leave parents, he was willing to leave possessions and follow the plan of God for his life.

And then there was a prize to possess. You remember that he had the presence of his Master and he had the power for his ministry and God blessed him in a marvelous way.

Now we know that Elisha was divinely appointed; God called him but it is not enough to be divinely appointed, you must also be divinely anointed. It is not enough to be saved, you also must be surrendered. It is not enough to have the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit wants to have you and God wants to fill you with the power of His Spirit.

So tonight I want us to look at a life which is a profile in power and we are going to call the message tonight, ''A Double Portion Of The Spirit'' and we'll study many verses in 2 Kings Chapter 2. I want us to just look at Verse nine.


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