The Danger of Hearing Sermons (7 of 37) by Stan Coffey

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The Danger of Hearing Sermons (7 of 37)
Series: Then Came Jesus
Dr. Stan Coffey
Mark 4:1-10


Well this morning I want to invite you to take God's word for our study today. We're studying the book of Mark, the life of Jesus, following the footsteps of Jesus in the book of Mark. So let me invite your attention to Mark Chapter 4.

The gospel of Mark Chapter 4 we want to begin our reading in Verse 1. I want to speak today on the danger of hearing sermons. I tell you there is a danger of not hearing sermons if people don't come to church and hear the word of God or if people are not exposed to the truth of the word of God there is a great danger indeed.

But there is also a danger of coming to church and growing up in a Christian environment and maybe being in church all of your life perhaps even every Sunday and hearing sermons until you have ears that no longer hear.

That is exactly what had happened to the Pharisees. Last Sunday we talked about "The Sin That God Will Not Forgive". The danger of that sin that God will not forgive Jesus was talking about the Pharisees. Now the problem with the Pharisees was that they had heard the Bible, the word of God, all of their life.

Have you ever gone out to share the gospel with a lost man and he'll say, "Why I went to church when I was a boy and I learned all those scriptures. I can probably quote them better than you can." And he begins to quote all the scripture yet he is just as lost without Christ, just as in darkness as he can be.

You see the problem is he experienced the danger of hearing but not hearing, having ears but did not hear. He heard all of those things but rather than putting him in light it has put him in darkness.

That's the way the Pharisees were. They were the ones that Jesus referred to who were in danger of committing an unforgivable sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit because ...

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